Umbral Tide


..And so we left valley of Ulduvai, with 26 lizard men warriors and settlers, a Saurial, and Nikris, whom we rescued from the spider eaters.

Returning from our sojourn proved uneventful, if somewhat disturbing. Ohimlin had noticed the trees and foliage on our return had aged slightly. I’ve always admired his keen eye, especially as I’ve never had knack for observing such tiny details myself. Hopefully now that the chaos beast has been slain, the flow of time there returns to normal,or we may never see our parents again in our lifetime!

He assured me it couldn’t have been more than a year or 2. As if it was supposed to set my mind at ease. I suppose in reality, I had planned for a several month trip looking for and returning from this lost city anyway, but it still unsettled me.

Our return home was no less unsettling however. Falcons rest was beset by two mercenary companies one men, one ogre, presumably sent upon us by Estvel Greycloak. Several of our childhood friends lay dead around us, thankfully less due to Krom’s intervention.

During the short and violent conflict it had become readily apparent evocation magic had become greatly suppressed. I have a feeling this high priestess of Nyx has been up to no good while my family has been abroad.

I need to return to the Lost Refuge, ensure the safety of my people, and ensure Estvel has not somehow reconquered it and opened the shadow Portal, and my underground library, even tho both were physically sealed with earth and stone, and further with several hallow spells. Perhaps if I’m lucky, I can even discover within the tomes what she has done.

The Sky is not dark. so I suspect whatever is afoot, it is not the same magic that Despayr was attempting to cast.

I left Manseba to watch over the refuge and the budding community in my absense. She will be able to tell me more when I arrive.

a promise kept

I made a promise to Hishtag the cruel.

Today I am proud to say I am a man of my word.

I have devoured the magics of his shrine. He will be happy to know the monument to his god shall serve me going forward.

as luck would have it however two of my companions have draconic blood. They will be warmed in the future by these magics for many years to come.

You, your progeny, and your shrine are dead, and will be lost to the sands of time.

The Lost City of Ulduvai
a summary of the discovery of Ulduvai

It began with a compass, missing parents, and some dead brothers and companions. Baal and Ohimlin had returned from the plane of Shadow, thwarting the minions of Nyx’ plans to blot out the sun in darkness.
Having saved only enough money to raise one of his dead compatriots, and his brother saved nothing, Baal was especially upset when they received a simple golden compass pointing to a mythical floating city, and a note saying his parents had gone missing. He quickly rallied his new companions, rescued from the clutches of the evil dragon Despayr from the plane of shadow, and set off in search of his parents and this city, hoping he could both rescue his parents and gather sufficient money to raise his brothers.

The compass pointed North, and so they followed it, deep into the largely unpopulated wilderness, until they crossed a small crevasse into a lush jungle Valley. Ohimlin surmised it was heated by several volcanic vents below the surface, which allowed for the lush landscape to exist.

pressing down through the valley, fighting off elemental guardians, and fleeing from a mighty wyvern named Hishtag, they came upon a man naed Aegon. He was a traveler of sorts who had learned how to transit the plane of shadow for brief periods of time. a magical mishap of sorts left him here in this valley lost. Seeing that a person like this might be useful, and given that he seemed reasonable enough , they heroes took him on. Deep within the jungle , they discovered another lizard man tribe, led by some Lizard man centaur like cross breeds known as Saurials. Baal was able to befriend them thereby avoiding conflict. In truth Baal was excited. He’d already claimed one orphaned lizard tribe. Due to the machinations of Despayr however, they were depleted of male warriors. If he could recruit a few warriors here , it would go a long way.

However these saurials did not trust them truly. So they set upon them an impossible task: they wanted proof of the heroes good will, and bade them to face down the Fearsome wyrm and end its existance, or leave the valley. Not being Shy, they did so. once again at great cost. For the Wyrm nearly killed Krom and Dava. Inside its lair they warred with her children, and found ancient writings upon stone tablets and a magical fountain able to heal those of draconic blood.

They were able to explore the rest of the valley after a run in with some giant ankegs, and noticed some stones in the valley which seemed to ward chaos.

Now they were free to explore the city itself. Viewing it from the outside however proved difficult, as it seemed some greenish vapor emanated from it and oozed out through the gaps in the city walls. I Babao with murderous intent defended the gates until Aegon out manuevred them.

Pushing into the interior, they came to a structure which dominated the landscape, even from the outside,above the fog. it had no entrance from the ground, and Baal was force to ferry them up with magic, to a hidden bridge above. Deep within the structure, he discovered a powerful artifact known as the Staff of Rightful Rule. As they traveled away from the building using the invisible bridges for safe carriage from place to place, they discovered and defeated 3 undead sorcerer princes, and learned of a beast named the Shaggoth. a being of slime and chaos which swallowed the prior inhabitants of the city and the result of the experimentation of the 3 undead princes. The heroes were able to find the last living descendants of the city, some winged apes, who had passed down oral traditions over the millenia, detailing much of what happened.and had instructed the heroes on how to defeat it with the Staff by destroying a magical obelisk which anchored the Shaggoth to this plane of existance.

Armed with this knowledge, Baal and Ohimlin set upon a plan to strike swiftly against the stone. There were many undead surrounding it, however Ohimlin held them off long enough or Baal to shatter it before the Shaggoth could intervene. once it shattered, the ground beneath them cracked , revealing some treasure, and the Shaggoth, now topping the crater the Obelisk resided in, disintigrated, leaving several black slimy cocoons behind. inside of a few, they found their parents alive and several of the cities prior leadership, trapped in agony for all these years.

One of them was a priest of Azathoth, belonging to the same cult as the sorcerer princes, and so baal dispatched him rapidly.

What followed, between the Heroes of present and heroes of ancient times past, would determine the ultimate fate of Ulduvai, the last floating city.

The Liberation of Ulduvai

We’d ended the sorcerer Princes. what a sorry lot they were. as I lay in Yakmars own bed, idly watching Kira order around Yakmar himself like a pitiful dog, I chuckled to myself. This woman was not so different than I, except ofcourse that she preferred her servants… ever so slightly chilled.

Well, to each their own I say.

Aegon had gone off has he was want to do. never could tell with that one. so much power. It is my hope that I can apply it more productively, to both our benefit I suppose. In any case,I was not concerned. he could easily take care of himself.

My last remaining brother Ohimlin, Krom , whirlon, and my girls however were another story entirely. We’d been together for some time now, seeing the end of Despayr , who’d ruined our lives collectively, in multivariate ways.

In many ways they were my new brothers now. helping to find my parents. I dread telling them the fate befallen Russel-Ken, and Auric, but then again I’d left their bodies in safe places, being preserved with the right magics. Time was no longer an issue. Just money.

Surprisingly the coin was in short supply here. I’d expected more… especially from a renowned floating city.

With a flutter, Aegon stepped out of the shadows. Dava nearly jumped out of bed, pulling sheets up to her neck. Veera lazily yawned, burying her face deeper into my armpit.

“I heard there was a tomb somewhere in the city, I’m going to find it. all this reading bores me, there are two seemingly unoccupied towers on the magical skyways. Why dont you see what you can discern about them. Its safer for me to try the city proper alone rather than risk the rest of us who cannot move stealthily, or quickly enough and evade the attention of the most dangerous inhabitants of this city.”

A surprisingly accurate analysis.

“Very well, Aegon” I replied, " I’ll stick to the skyway, and I’ll see what value can be wrung from these structures"

The Lonely Song

an hour later found us nearing the first tower,some sort of wind chime, an eary whistling ensued from it. Never did I expect what followed. First Ohimlin stabbed Dava and then proceeded to run down the street like a mad man after realizing what he’d just done.

Krom charged ahead,seeing something, and then promptly turning tale and heading the other way after my brother.

Soon after, an invisible stalker appeared and smashed Dava against the magical force field surrounding the sky way we walked upon, just moments after I cast some healing magics upon her.

it then proceeded to connect with Whirlons head, braining him. the next blow knocked the shield out of his hand and rendered him nearly lifeless.

Its trickery was insufficient to continue its assault. and eventually Krom returned to end its existence with me.

The tower itself appeared empty. I’ve surmised it must have acted as some sort of steering device being able to direct the wind in some fashion.

The White Lily

Later on, down the last remaining tunnel we came across a giant work of art, a gigantic white glass flower, that stretched above the fog shrouding the city.

We were forced to climb it, using our magics, in hopes of finding an entrance. At the top a short and bloody battle ensued with two more stalkers. This appeared to be their nest. While we found no entrance to the structure (which I later determined to solely a gigantic work of art), we did find skeleton and small cache of magical shields and potions.

Return to the Ape house
Now possessing the Ape Bell retrieved from the Spidereater stables, I cast the summons with it , calling a great Winged ape. After a brief introduction, he soon realized this was the chance his people needed for the city. I knew from the histories, that these apes were once residents of this place. This ape was the high shaman for his people.

He told us what we must do to defeat the shaggoth; Destroy the magical talisman that had summoned it here to this realm, but do not engage the beast itself, as it would indeed be useless.

Using the Staff of Rightful Rule’s ability to dispel Chaos would do the job.

End Game
The Shaggoth Stone glowed with its toxic green light inside a great crater outside the temple of Azathoth. it appeared undefended. Not hearing the Shaggoth, I immediately went to work, Blasting it apart with the staff.

an army of Wights clawed themselves from the ground. Whirlon and Krom broke and ran. However Ohimlin, my noble brother , stood his ground, giving me the time I needed to blast apart the massive obelisk dedicated to Azathoth.

Moments before I cast the final spell blasting apart the Talisman, The Shaggoth topped the lip of the crater, about to bowl down upon us. When I struck it , the Gigantic bulging mass of mouths and tentacles let out a high pitched keening, spasmed and disintigrated before our eyes. in its wake , it left hundreds of black tarry lumps. some few of them appeared to be alive.

Inside, our parents lived! it had been years since I’d seen them. We also managed to pull 4 others from their cocoons.

Communication was difficult at first,and they were weak. one, the former king of ulduvai, could barely speak. a second a chatty bureaucrat or merchant, seemed far too energetic, given the millenia he’d spent trapped here, another, a woman, captain of the guard devoted to her king, and the last… High priest of Azathoth. Oh the irony.

I killed him without a second thought. There would be time for explanations later.

The “heroes” explore the city, confronting all three sorcerer princes, avoiding Chaos Beasts and the Shaggoth.

1 search wind chime tower (max gets brained), Dava downed
2 search the glass flower, 2 more invisible stalkers. Isaac flees, then Mans up.
3 shields and potions
4 return to ape house with the bell. Ring, and restore max.
5 the temple of azathoth, and shoggoth stone.. crack stone with staff
6 loot the treasure room
7 save parents, save 4 citizens ,
8 kill high priest of azathoth. (Baal)

The abandoned Palace
and the end of the last of the princes

Abandoned Palace , abode of Yithdul
Aegon and Baal skillfully evaded much of the denizens , and traps in the palace in order to find and assassinate Yithdul, last sorcerer prince of Ulduvai. They Came to the second level, and there they found him, and an ancient Abyssal precursor. a neo goth horror of the abyss.

the fight that ensued was horrible, but in the end, Yakmar once again proved invaluable in exterminating his own allies.

Baal cursed the abyssal fiend to service the tanaari as a larva whence his physical body was destroyed. and then Veera cut him down with magic missiles.

Fiendish baboons
on the way out, back to Yakmars abode to rest and recover, they were assaulted by fiendish monkeys. Baal did not wish to be harassed by the feces throwing primates, so he dispatched the lot of them with a bolt of chain lightning, issued forth from the Staff of Rightful Rule.

The Ape House Pt1
It was discovered that the Ape house was missing a bell, required to summon them. After a brief an fruitless search, they left.

Spider Eaters Abode
a tower that looked like a large tree covered in weird pulsating vines and leaves. Inside it housed the spider eaters, apparently trainees of Banderack. Pompous Ass of Ulduvai
Somehow these were supposed to help control the Shaggoth. We scratched our head as to why. Perhaps they intended to fly an army over his head and shower him with missile weapons , hoping to overcome Both his damage resistance AND regeneration. Just cant tell with these princes…

Ulduvai exploration
the staff, Yakmar, and Bandarack

Excerpts from the chronicles: Umbral Tide

The Staff of Rightful Rule
….and lo the brothers Baal and Ohimlin , along with their newly found companions, set forth upon the corruption of once noble ulduvai, intent upon smoting the ruin of the otherwordly Shoggoth against the stars from whence it came.

Traveling deep into the central structure they would later come to know as the aeromantic infandibulum, the power source responsible for the cities flight, the heroes endured the myriad automated defenses and now malfunctioning machinery inside. Led Boldly by Aegon , lord of the shadows, they descended deep into the bowels of the mechanized tower.

Deep within the bowels , Krom took the lead, to attempt to find something of value while Aegon returned to bring the others from above. After many a mishap where he nearly killed his only friends, and that subsequently spraying acid on wind turbines was no way to go about life, he discovered kira seemingly frozen in the mists of time, hidden under a hatch in the basement. Perhaps the stasis spell was set to release her upon the opening of the door, or more likely, Kroms disturbance interrupted the tenuous enchantment which still kept her there after all these millennia.

Nearby her, there was a clustering of apparatus protected by countless arcing bolts of electricity. clearly this was the core of the structure, and the font by which the city was powered. Although Ohimlin or Aegon would have been more appropriate to brave the dangers of the core, they dare not tread upon its electrified surface. And so Baal, son of Sige and Cuxa, shrouded himself in protective magics, and stepped inside the machine resisting blasts of lightning with every step.

when he could go no further he saw the outlines of a magical compartment underneath the floor, he opened a magical door leading to it, and flung himself through it.

inside, what resembled a small closet, he set his eyes upon the Staff of rightful rule. it reviled him. The staff could feel the raw chaos within the warlock, the warped contradictions within his soul. sheathed at his back, was a sunblade, an ancient relic of an ancient god, long forgotton in the plane of shadow in a dusty tomb, being milked by some evil being, out of reach by any worthy champion of good. Yet this was no champion of the light. it sat subdued, well cared for in its sheath. In a satchel hanging by his belt lay an orb of stars and darkness. the taint of Nyx emanated from it, made worse by the renegade being who exerted his will over it. it too seemed to serve its purpose. It pulsed, as if it acknowledged the staffs equally divine power.

In his eyes, a fire blazed hotter than any in all the 9 hells. an ambition that cared not for lofty ideal, nor for any sort of order, save his own. The tiny compartment could be no larger than a coffin. Baal knew he would be tested by this staff. There was ALWAYS a test. there would be pain, and a battle for his soul. He knew there was no going back.Two of his brothers lie dead. his parents missing or dead. His family, their legacy rested upon his shoulders. The arcing blue bolts of energy above increased, as in anticipation of that test.

He hesitated but only a moment, a moment in which the whole world went silent, and when Baal grasped the solitary Mithril Rod, broke to his will. Baal felt the link to its prior owner. a powerful sorcerer. But this petty being personality was nothing compared to his own. he threw it aside as one might do a rag after polishing your sword.

Above Aegon and Ohimlin saw the structure go dark. the turbines ceased, the sparks dwindled. the air grew stuffy so deep within the windowless structure and the silence a rumble grew until a blast of lightning burst forth from the floor bearing forth Baal, who landed on knees before them. staff in hand.

The demise of Yakmar, Sorcerer prince of ulduvai

The heroes came across Yakmar and his efreeti servant Fezzgul masquerading as a man, after leaving the aeromantic infandibulum.

While fezzgul fastidiously stuck to his cover story, it was not enough to convine the heroes, who , with equal parts luck, coincidence and skill, quickly dispatched him before he could escape and warn Yakmar

Baal assumed his identity, and when they moved up the stairs, they encountered Yakmar. The first crazed sorcerer to come under the heroes blades.

Baal moved behind him,assuming a servile position while introducing the heroes. After a short conversation Baal nearly hacked him in half with his Sun Blade. Kira then Rebuked him and he fell under her sway totally.

From there, they proceeded to extract as much information about the city and the Shaggoth as they could.

The abrupt end to banderack, sorcerer prince of Ulduvai
After having learned the location of the next sorcerer prince, Banderack, and the key to the library where he resided, they proceeded there.

Baal took the lead, pretending to be fezzgul again, introducing the heroes as associates of Yakmar

Kira spoke for the party, pretending to be a researcher from far off lands promising to exchange knowledge to assist both parties. however she was not up to the task and so Baal decided to end the farse with his Sunblade again.

Banderack fled from the building with baal in hot pursuit, but in the end, when kira commanded Yakmar to exterminate him, he know exactly what he would do, found him and exterminated him.

  • brief encounter with the shoggoth outside,
  • loot and search library , adjoining tower , fight gargoyle with death spell
  • check out murals etc

later traveled to the ape house, discovered there was no bell. it must have been moved somewhere else. put on the list to find.

The hidden lair of Hishtag and the Gates of Ulduvai

Except from the journal of Dava

I awoke , spewing blood, in agonizing pain. I pulled at my tight silver collar, gasping for breath that would not come.

To my side, Veera struggled to sit upright, her ankle clearly broken. A large bruise swelling on her cheek, and blood made her lustrous dark brown hair glisten in the dim light.

My master Baal held me in his arms, in obvious pain himself. I could see his eyes blazing with a golden light, and a scowl upon his face. I could always tell when he was furious, my heart fluttered at the realization this was anger was due to my mistreatment.

He gently handed me off to Veera, and rose unsteadily to his feet. I could see him the magical energy he summoned race Down his arm and set the sunblade he wielded ablaze. He played at being a warrior, but I knew better.

The last moments before losing consciousness had been a blur, but I remember one of the wyverns grab me and throw me from the ledge to the cavern floor where I lay now. A large stain of blood dribbled Down the cavern wall into a pool on the rough stone floor. Above us in the air, was another wyvern, dead… held aloft by four gargoyles dragging it ponderously through the air to the healing pool and draconic shrine some one hundred from myself.

I’m sure the blood stains are all that remains of one of the wyvern after whirlon slew it with his accursed blade. Anything brought down by it always dissolved into blood.

Above me, I glimpsed ohimlin standing upon my masters magic carpet, where I stood only moments before plunging to the depths below, loosing arrows relentlessly into the gargoyles, trying to Down them before they returned their cruel master to life inside the pool.

Krom clung to the wall below the ledge like some sort of spider, braced himself and kicked off, flyingthrough thr air, cleaving one of the gargoyles in half,

My master Baal crouched Down and jumped from the ground impossibly high in the air, launching himself into another gargoyle, the blazing blade seemingly electrified with his magic ripped through another, it’s wounds searing shut before any blood could Spray from a now wingless stump.

But suddenly a shadow eclipsed me as a the massive winged form of whirlon soared over Veera and I, to land upon the back of the wyvern, ripping it from the scaly grasp of the gargoyles. And splitting the skull of another gargoyle.

The ensuing blood bath was brutal efficient , and utterly hopeless for the defenders as my companions ripped them to pieces.

It had been a tough day, I was surprised by their sudden flurry of destruction , first with a massive wyvern nearly killing my beloved master outside, and shortly after these other smaller children poisoning krom and flinging him from a ledge , in a fate not dissimilar to my own earlier in the day.

Master Baal had expended much of his magic and alchemical supplies curing the poisons coursing through all our veins and the devastating stab wounds from their stingers and claws.

The last of his healing lay in a wineskin, expended besides Veera. Clearly both she and Baal had jumped over he ledge to heal me before my soul left my body to die.

I’m now certain this was the large wyverns lair, with these others her children. Nestled behind a beautiful waterfall, this nest was seemingly the home of some other more sophisticated dragon, unless these primitive wyverns had somehow grown opposable thumbs and the brain to sculpt and write.

Earlier in the day, we had traveled down the valley, avoiding the jungle, heading towards the water fall when a massive wyvern glided silently behind us, it had attempted to skewer krom first, but upon Baal sending an arcing magical blast into the sky in an attempt to bring him down, the beast instead focused on him, skewering him and injecting a deadly poison into his system. Only an expert shot by Ohimlin into its eye saves his life. Shortly after Krom bellowed and lept upon his back severing his tendons and preventing any retaliation.

Now, we lay broken upon the floor over a massive cavern, a massive sculpture of a dragon snarling menacingly above us, and below it a glistening blue water pool.

When we first entered the chamber fifty feet above, the two surviving wyverns waded in the water, their wounds nearly healed.

A heap of glistening treasure lay at the bottom of the pool. Ohimlin quickly waded into the pool , intent upon using the dragon kins pool for himself and his flesh began to quickly rot away. He happily swam deeper , seemingly unaware of his predicament, until Baal jump in and blinked out of the pool with his now horribly scarred brother.

As Ohimlin soon came to the realization his flesh had rotted away, his screams filled the ominous chamber. Now he too weighed on the ground. Only kroms healing aura keeping alive, furiously knitting together molten flesh as it sloughed off.

Baal carefully approached the pool , confident his servant krom would tend to his brother. He dipped his finger in the substance, disgusted by it, pondering why Ohimlin would recklessly wade so deep into the toxic liquid.

Eventually he declared it to be safe for dragonkin and convinced whirlon to enter the pool and retrieve the horde.

In the bottom of the pool, he found a small cache of hidden wands, in addition to the other assorted items resting carefully preserved in the water .

Over the next few days as we healed and identified the magical dwemers on the treasure and the nature of the pool, we explored the rest of the cave system.

It would appear this place was once the study of a far larger dragon, who scribed several lineages upon gigantic stone tablets numbering near a thousand.

Sadly these tablets were too large to be easily handled, and we were pressed for time.

Fortunately they had been here for eons. They weren’t going anywhere.

Baal and Ohimlins parents were not here, nor did we find any indication of their presence.

Deeper we must press into the valley for our answers.

The Mysterious package

While in Sidon, Tunaster Dart , the priest of ixion who raised Dava from the dead for me, informed us that our family friend Kroon was looking for us.

As usual, Kroon was nowhere to be found… It was a good enough reason as any to return home. With our brothers dead, and our parents missing, seeing some familiar faces might do us good.

So it was that we set our sites on home. I informed Tunaster to keep an eye out for skilled labor (and it appeared that he was already looking or the Temple), and off we went.

An hour outside of town found us beset by brigands…potentially useful tools, however brother shot them dead before I could weave well my barbed words to convince them to travel to the lost refuge… Such a waste.

a few days later found us in high water. Familiar sites abound. Familiar faces smile and said hi! The days I spent at home will always make me smile. I would see no violence come to this place, no matter the violence that would follow me in my later life.

I spent a few days with my lovers, and convinced Manseba to travel to the Lost Refuge, and consider protecting those lands, since she was hated here for supposedly kidnapping children and aging Ser Tor.

I also convinced Jarvis the Town Smithy to train an apprentice for me. it will take a couple years, but should be worth it.

The final leg home to Falcons roost is a brief one. All is peaceful. until my large breasted, nosey, brat of a sister greets me at the door. “where have you been,” “who’s with you?”, “where are you brothers”, “who are they? (pointing at my new companions)”, and after grudingly telling parts of the story , and her sleeping with xxxx, she got most of the rest. What a harlot my sister is… I should employ her in one of my seedier venues!

Later on, Laraniel gave me a package, in which contained a small magical compass. After having Dava use her magic to identify it and do a little research, we discovered this compass purpose was to find the closest floating citidels of old. (Presumably for use by the prior adventurers of this floating kingdom.

As it pointed north, and thinking it could be quite the journey, I sent my companions to purchase a large amount of supplies and winter gear, as it would turn out… this ‘floating’ city was hidden in plain site, and not terribly far away, although it was guarded by an invisible stalker!

not 4 days away, and in another mountain valley , not dissimilar to the one where falcons roost lay was this city. just loafing about in a lush valley!

I suppose the invisible stalkers did a great job keeping the place hidden after all!

Recovery of Despayr's Library and rebuilding the lost Refuge

After our first foray back to the prime Material plane, I convinced Kessessek, the High Priest of the lizard men, to serve me. He agreed to preserve our dead, while I ventured back into the deep Shadow to retrieve Despayrs library.

I know this library must seem like useless trash for my companions. They are imbeciles. The value of this library is incalculable. Within it lies the key to understanding what Despayr was constructing, but also so much more. There are nearly 2000 books relating to the planes.

Possessing these books gives me an advantage, and takes something dear away from Nix. Clearly Despayr was a valuable researcher in addition to powerful force on the battlefield.

The Bookshelves and tables are also of a value. protecting anything set on them from fire.

After a dangerous journey to the Rift and back to the Shadow Citidel, We crossed back to the Material plane and I proceeded to store the books in a sealed chamber with no entrance or exits.

Now it was time to rest. The journey into the dark was harrowing. and we traversed it twice. Little did my last surviving brother know, it would be the first two of many journeys into the shadow. we had to prepare for our trip back to civilization for supplies and magic to revive our brothers and other companions.

Of course I had other reasons to dally. I had decided to spend some time with these primitive lizard men. I can see why the followers of Nix decided to convince them of their cause. They are as blank slates, with so much potential. But what interests me the most is their inhuman nature. They are loyal, and they are not susceptible to the wiles of women, and the fineries of man.

With the portal to the realm of shadow, a fortress on both sides of the planar gate, and a large library, and moldable lizard men, I see the beginnings of an empire that I can hide within the Swamp and in the plane of shadow.

Before that of course, I must see to my raising my companions from the dead, and that meant returning to Sidon.

I have only enough money to raise one person, and so I decided to revive my newest servant Dava. She is young and eager please. and I do not wish to show favoritism to either of my brothers by raising one first. I’ll never hear the end of it!…and I will need Davas skills as a researcher along the way.

The Reckoning

The battle Royale that has left Despayr, his dark knight and several of his dark priests dead, came at great cost for the heroes.

2 more brothers lay dead.

Only Ba’al , his servant veera, and his brother Ohimlin stand alive.

his blood brother Resl Ken, Battle brothers Krom, Gathon, Dava and halish all lay dead.

Now the test to escape the pits of darkness begins…


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