Umbral Tide

Into Ixon's New Temple

Tunastar's puzzle

The Heroes have been taking some much needed down time in Sidon. While relaxing at a local eatery, the heroes are approached by a messenger and asked to contact Tunastar Dart at the Wyvern Watch Inn.

Tunaster informs the heroes that he is an itinerant priest if Ixion and that he is astonished that a new Temple to Ixion has been built in Sidon, the only one in all Argos and Tunastar had heard noting of it. Apparently had was run by Lady Artur. When Tunastar investigated he was rebuffed and not allowed into the temple’s inner chambers.

The heroes go on to talk with the priests and worshippers inside and even engage in a three day prayer session. During this time they learn that the priests of Ixion here espouse studying the shadow and darkness to better understand the light. They also steal an important artifact known as the Starry Gnosis.

When the priests Fembrys and Shan Thar are confronted by the heroes about their possible heresy, a battle ensues leaving the apparent Ixion priests and the temple guard defeated.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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