Auric Goldfinger

Dwarf, Bard, Bold




Born of Sige and Cuxa, Auric’s parents used powerful magic to alter his race in Cuxa’s womb so that the enemies of Auric’s parents would never suspect his lineage.

Along with his brothers he performed numerous heroic feats and freed the children of Highwater from a terrible curse, defeated the Dark Four, aided the people of Wrymden form being assaulted by lizardmen, and revealed the temple of Ixion in Sidon as a false one.

As the fate that awaits most heroes however, Auric was killed freeing the last dominated petitioner present in the false temple to Ixion. A terrible aquatic Outoyluh drug him from a bridge into the cold depth of the water where he drowned to much lament by his family.

Auric Goldfinger

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