Melina "Scoutwind" Alousi

Master of Arms in Highwater, Born Leader




WIth Ser Tor in his weakened state, the training of the village militia has fallen squarely on Milina’s shoulders. She has risen to the task, and acts as Factor of Highwater in all but name despite her status as a commoner.

She is deeply saddened by Ser Tor’s current state, she greatly admired him as a warrior and mentor, though others say she is really sad because they were lovers and Ser Tor is now incapable or performing. They don’t say it anywhere near her however!

She was recently ensorcelled by the hamadryad Lorelei. She was charmed to destroy the dam that a group of invading Bullywogs had built to destroy the hamadryads that guard the forest.

The heroes rescued Scoutwind from Bullywog captivity and assisted her in destroying the damn and destroying the Bullywog invaders.

Melina "Scoutwind" Alousi

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