Umbral Tide

Clearing the Shadowscale Warren
The warchief does not hold
Attacking the Shadow Citadel
A quick assault stirs up trouble
Subterfuge and then assuault within the Last Refuge
Baelstra is not fooled, but she is now dead
Jorney to the Last Refuge
Dark Creepers in the shodows
Under Ixion's Temple
Nyx under the temple of the Lord of Light
Into Ixon's New Temple
Tunastar's puzzle

The Heroes have been taking some much needed down time in Sidon. While relaxing at a local eatery, the heroes are approached by a messenger and asked to contact Tunastar Dart at the Wyvern Watch Inn.

Tunaster informs the heroes that he is an itinerant priest if Ixion and that he is astonished that a new Temple to Ixion has been built in Sidon, the only one in all Argos and Tunastar had heard noting of it. Apparently had was run by Lady Artur. When Tunastar investigated he was rebuffed and not allowed into the temple’s inner chambers.

The heroes go on to talk with the priests and worshippers inside and even engage in a three day prayer session. During this time they learn that the priests of Ixion here espouse studying the shadow and darkness to better understand the light. They also steal an important artifact known as the Starry Gnosis.

When the priests Fembrys and Shan Thar are confronted by the heroes about their possible heresy, a battle ensues leaving the apparent Ixion priests and the temple guard defeated.

Demise of the Lizard King
It's scary in the dark, especially for the monsters

Th heroes rid Wyrmsden of the lizardfolk menace that had been kidnapping travelers and locals. They learn the Lizard King had been granted Wyrmden as its teritory by a Sidon noble who the heroes believe to be Ser Joth.

Mt. Doomspire
Battle with a dragon?

The heroes enter Lake Ariel at the foot of Mt. Doomspire and fight their way through a sunken dungeon inhabited by many firece water creatures including a tribe of Kua-toa.

They manage to enter Shadebringer’s lair seeking his drconic scion, only to find a band of villians intent on opening the portal to the Shadowfell that exists within. The band known as the Dark Four put up a fierce resistance, but were eventually overcome. Only Adhora Lightleaf survived, and her interrogation revealed that the leader of the Dark Four Perrin Barzowh had been a Shadow Agent working with the Dark Ring and Ser Joth.

The heroes also find a glut of gold and platinum.

In a show of compassion Ohimlin released Adhora Lightleaf for fear of what his brother Bhaal might do to her.

The heroes then trek back to Falcon’s Roost carrying their excessive loot. On the way they fight of a band of gold hungry Druegar dwarves, return Lurea and her naiad companion to their pool, reunite with Manseba, and are on the cusp of returning the cursed children to Highwater.

After Manseba
Rescue the children and become heroes!

The heroes return with Scoutwind to Highwater, but the village is still downcast regarding its missing children.

The heroes visit Ser Tor and learn that he has been aged by some fell powers.

The Heroes begin a search of the Greenwood, near the border of the Goblinwood.

They encounter an elven hunting party who catches them by surprise, insults them a little bit, and then upstages Aulric when their master bard Elron plays his elven lute to great effect. Only

Ohimlin’s elven ways seems to prevent a greater confrontation.

The heroes find a part of the forest infused with darkness. They battle many dark plant creatures, but find the home of Manseba inside a darkly shrouded ancient grove.

The beginning
Parent's aren't home, so we'll lend a hand

The heroes leave Falcon’s Roost and they arrive at Highwater.

Highwater has recently been attacked by Goblins and the Master at Arms is missing.

The witch Manseba is stealing the nine year old children from Highwater.

The Hamadryad Lorelei is dying because Bullywogs have built a dam and the river is drying up.

The heroes defeat monsters and obstacles along the way.

They make friends with Lurea and her naiad sisters, knowing of their fickle nature but lured by their need to help others and the naiad’s beauty. Legends say that naiads possess the ability to drown men in water or grant them the ability to breath water until the next sunset.


The heroes defeat the Bullywogs building the dam and destroy the damn rescuing scoutwind and a few goblins in the process.


They press on riding the dead tree husk of the hamadryad Corelei of the Bullywug clan. They then venture under the tree to defeat the Bullywug priest that was leading the invasion.


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