Tag: Dark Four


  • Perrin Barzowh

    Leader of the Dark Four. Paramour of [[:adhora-lightleaf | Adhora Lightleaf]]. He and the Dark Four were defeated by the heroes in the lair of Shadebringer at Mt. Doomspire. Identified as a Shadow Agent by [[:adhora-lightleaf | Adhora Lightleaf]] …

  • Fonkin Onwshoe

    A wily combatant who gave the heroes a hard time with his magic missiles and Arrow Catching shield he was finally felled in Shadebringer's liar at Mt. Doomspire,

  • Adhora Lightleaf

    Captured by the heroes at Mt. Doomspire when they defeated the Dark Four. Grieving the loss of her great love [[:perrin-barzowh | Perrin Barzowh]] she does not know what life will bring as a captive of the heroes. She has sworn vengence on Ohimlin …