Tag: Falcon's Roost


  • Laraniel

    An old retainer of the Jade bloodline, Laraniel, will do anything to protect his mistress and keep her secrets. He personally disapproves of her choice to marry a human, but he does what his mistress commands.

  • Fodsworth

    Fodsworth family has been retainers for the Blue Sapphire blood line for countless generations. When Sige asked him to move to Falcon's Roost there was only one possible response, "yes m'lord."

  • Malanna

    Malanna was found by Sige on one of his trips for magical components ten years ago. He said he found her smeared with blood and left in an ancient cavern. Sige brought the child home and Cuxsa has raised her as her own daughter since. Malanna has a …

  • Jantara

    Maid of Falcon's Roost, Jantara is [[:fodsworth | Fodsworth's]] daughter. Often forgotten, her unassuming personality and demeanor, often means most think she has noting to say. Jantara, however, has an amazing voice, and [[:mom | Cuxsa]] has been …

  • Kroom

    Kroom was living in these wild parts before Sige and Cuxsa built Falcon's Roost. Kroom knows little of civilization, nor cares, he is a man of the wild. He is infrequently at Falcon's Roost, often ranging the wild's beyond, but coming back to interact …

  • Auric Goldfinger

    Born of [[:dad | Sige]] and [[:mom | Cuxa]], Auric's parents used powerful magic to alter his race in Cuxa's womb so that the enemies of Auric's parents would never suspect his lineage. Along with his brothers he performed numerous heroic feats and …