Tag: Lover of Baal


  • Manseba

    The folks of Highwater despise the witch Manseba who demands their children a week before their tenth birthdays lest she unleash the dark beats of the forest against the village. Little did they know that she only sought to protect them from the curse …

  • Lorelei

    Guardian of the forest, she will protect it even at the expense of the people of Highwater. Near certain death by water deprivation, the sons of Cuxsa and Sige saved her life be destroying the damn that was drying up the river.

  • Lurea

    Lurea is the bravest of the Naiad's that dwell upstream from [[Highwater | Highwater]]. When the river was drying up and isolated their pond from the main river, it was Lurea who ventured onto dry land to find help or fix the problem. Unfortunatly she …