Tag: Notable


  • Ser Joth

    Ser Joth is known throughout the Greenwood Barony for his martial prowess, cunning, and desire to marry the Baroness. Identified by [[:adhora-lightleaf | Adhora Lightleaf]] as a Shadow Agent of the Dark Ring who was working with [[:perrin-barzowh | …

  • Baroness Greenwood

    Ruler of the Greenwood Barony, she recently ascended to her position after the death of her father in a hunting accident. She is somewhat perplexed by the number of crises that her fiefdom has suffered in the last year.

  • Ser Argor

    Ser Argor has been Champion of the Greenwood for as long as anyone can remember. His enduring and strong presence has historically kept the monstrous threats to the Greenwood at bay, however, over the most recent years he has become more reclusive and …