Highwater has always been known for the fantastic mushrooms that come from the regions and in past years has made the village wealthy. The regional supply of Highwater mushrooms dried up about twenty years ago when the village was abandoned by the inhabitants in the face of increasing goblin raids.

Resettled about ten years ago by the current inhabitants, Helmenr obtained a charter to resettle the village from Baroness Greenwood. The village has thrived most of the last decade but the appearance of the witch Manseba and her abduction of the village’s nine year olds has brought despair to the village residents. The recent thwarted goblin attack and non return of Master at Arms Melina “Scoutwind” Alousi is also of concern.

Ser Tor is the village Factor a direct representative of the Baroness.

Notable Locations
The Gentle Willows – the villages’ only and best tavern and inn.
Mulana’s Store – Here you can find basic items and foodstuffs.
Hidemark’s Mushroom Depot – Bring your mushroom’s here and get good silver for them, Hidemark will then resell the in Briar.
Hammer of Than – The local blacksmith.
Temple of Growth and Fecundity – Dedicated to the ideal of healthy and verdant growth, especially mushrooms.
Temple of Health and Healing – Dedicated to the art of healthy living and healing the sick.


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