Umbral Tide

Mt. Doomspire

Battle with a dragon?

The heroes enter Lake Ariel at the foot of Mt. Doomspire and fight their way through a sunken dungeon inhabited by many firece water creatures including a tribe of Kua-toa.

They manage to enter Shadebringer’s lair seeking his drconic scion, only to find a band of villians intent on opening the portal to the Shadowfell that exists within. The band known as the Dark Four put up a fierce resistance, but were eventually overcome. Only Adhora Lightleaf survived, and her interrogation revealed that the leader of the Dark Four Perrin Barzowh had been a Shadow Agent working with the Dark Ring and Ser Joth.

The heroes also find a glut of gold and platinum.

In a show of compassion Ohimlin released Adhora Lightleaf for fear of what his brother Bhaal might do to her.

The heroes then trek back to Falcon’s Roost carrying their excessive loot. On the way they fight of a band of gold hungry Druegar dwarves, return Lurea and her naiad companion to their pool, reunite with Manseba, and are on the cusp of returning the cursed children to Highwater.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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