Dava and halish are all that remains of a band of ixion worshippers dominated by nix and forced to attack the heroes, before Baal was able to prevent his brothers from butchering them , by co-opting the domination and forcing them to surrender.


slain by a shadow beast who strangled her and threw her lifeless body aside

Baal spent the last of his money upon return to Sidon to have her raised from the dead.

She is now eternally greatful and enamored with Baal , and follows without question.

Her first life being cut short as a thrall to nix, and likely later a sacrifice to Despayr, Baal had prevented his brothers from cutting her to pieces just barely. Her fellow apprentice wizards xxx and yyy were not so lucky.

later, after she followed Baal and his brothers into the shadow rift to slay the evil within, she was instead slain herself by several shadow beasts.

But Baal was determined to leave none behind, and he carried her body back along with his now deceased brothers.

He implored the lizard man shaman kessessek to use his magic to delay the departure of her spirit while the bodies were rushed to Sidon for raising by xxx…

Having been given a 3rd chance at life, Dava is determined to prove her worth to Baal and serve him in whatever fashion he desires.


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