Ser Tor

Old, forgetful, pitiful


Comparison, before and after entry into the Manseba’s Grove.


Factor of Highwater, Ser Tor was an up and coming knight within Baroness Greenwood’s court. Being appointed Factor of Highwater was suppossed to one step on a ladder to greater political power. Unfortunatley for Sir Tor the witch Manseba appeared and began demanding the nine year olds in the village be given to her.

SIr Tor’s men-at-arms were overcome by Manseba’s forest beasts and she made off with a number of children. Setting out after her, Sir Tor took his remaining men-at-arms, unfortunately he was beset by Manseba’s foul witchery and he was aged unnaturally. Since then he he has been an absent minded old man who is not fit to rule Highwater, let alone defeat Manseba.

Ser Tor

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